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Garmendale Engineering

Garmendale are World Class Theme Park Engineers.
We specialise in the design, manufacture, installation and aftercare of rides for theme parks and attractions across the world. 

We have long and proven track record of providing innovative, cost-effective solutions that meet and exceed all of the regulatory requirements of our industry here in the UK and a reputation for servicing many international organisations.

All of our work is produced to BS EN 10/90 which is the highest possible engineering standard.

Our team of designers and innovators have a constant eye on the latest technology including engineering, hydraulic, electronic and visual “Imagineering” coupled with a solid understanding of what is needed to solve problems and to “make it happen” safely, on-time and within budget.
This creativity is supported by many years experience of working to the highest standards complying with safety regulations and all the responsibility that comes with ensuring that the public at large are protected and guaranteed a safe and fun-filled experience.

We have seven key areas of operation and business strengths:

Ride manufacture - from dark rides, aerial roundabouts, tracked and Mag Track rides to more traditional tractor rides
Installation and relocation - of coasters, rides and structures
Refurbishment and repair - throughout the themed attraction industry
Specialist engineering - from the simple to the superb
Transportation systems - railway and tram transport designed and built
Re-engineering for improved safety - putting the safety of your customers first
Shotgun Gates / Ride Gating systems - to improve throughput, safety and reliability

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