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We are attorneys and advisors who help to develop your ideas, protect your work, leverage your assets, and structure the right deals.

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Nolan Heimann LLP Presents: Protecting Your Brand During an Existential Crisis Webinar

At a time when we are increasingly focused on the financial and operational
repercussions of the coronavirus crisis on our organizations, we must remember
that crises can impact our brands as well. It is more important than ever to pay
attention to what customers are thinking of us. While we would never seek out
a crisis, when confronted with one, we may be afforded an opportunity to
propel the image of our brand in a positive way and appreciably boost our
goodwill with stakeholders.
Please join us for a discussion with Jim Yeager* regarding effective strategies
you can employ to protect, service, and even enhance your organization’s
brand and reputation.

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Wendy Heimann-Nunes

Entertainment and business united for Wendy right from the start in her early role as Executive Director of the renowned landmark, The Chicago Theatre. And it was in the windy city where the former ...

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