21 February 2018

Nanchang Wanda Cultural Tourism City

Christie technology is used in various captivating visual experiences for visitors of the Nanchang Wanda Cultural Tourism City. Located in the provincial capital of Jiangxi, the enormous 200-hectare Wanda Cultural Tourism City is developed by Wanda Group and is the Chinese conglomerate’s first city-size cultural and tourism project. It features an indoor theme park called Nanchang Wanda Park, an indoor ocean park known as Nanchang Wanda Ocean Park, entertainment attractions, hotels and dining districts. 

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Posted by Virginia Dwyer

2018-02-21 00:00:00
Vegas Golden Knights

Creating this new NHL franchise included a vision for on-ice projection mapping that could be installed in a busy arena to impress fans and keep them coming back for more. To bring that vision to life and put a Vegas spin on their fan experience, the Golden Knights used Christie® Roadster WU20K-J projectors along with Mystique™ Install ...

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2018-02-21 00:00:00
Christie mapping brings tattoos to life on human skin

People passionate about tattoos love to think that their ink is so well done the designs look alive on their skin. Now, Portuguese projection artists Oskar and Gaspar have managed to give life to tattoos thanks to projection mapping. The project is called "Ink Mapping" and was presented during a live ...

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