The SH Group

Isabelle Bourgeois

Account Manager
The SH Group
Sales & Marketing Office
472 avenue St. Charles
Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec J7V 2N5
Tel: 800-363-5304 x225



In her daily work as SH’s account manager, Isabelle Bourgeois is dedicated to finding ways to bring projects to life, whether it’s for a large architectural firm or a community-based organization.

Isabelle Bourgeois has 15 years of experience in sales and customer service in both national and international markets, and prides herself on her ability to establish lasting relationships with her clients. Acting as a liaison between her clients and the project management team, Isabelle advocates for her customer to ensure projects are done efficiently and on-time, supporting projects from concept to completion with single-minded determination.

Her enthusiasm and confidence make her the ideal person to handle many of SH’s most prestigious accounts. Clients appreciate Isabelle’s honest nature and drive to find the best solutions. Though she works with clients across several industries, her heart is in the wayfinding and themed entertainment sectors.

Isabelle Bourgeois sees every project as another chance to prove SH’s capabilities and views challenges as ideal learning experiences. If Isabelle has it her way, ALTO will be the custom product of choice for designers, architects, curators and artists all over the world.

Isabelle’ personal commitment to fitness and healthy living gives her the high energy she needs to serve her clients. A natural problem solver, Isabelle brings positivity and confidence to the SH team.