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25 August 2020


Peanuts Worldwide announced that SN Garden, an eco-friendly development and planning company, opened Snoopy Garden, Korea’s first 20 acre nature-experience garden in Songdang-ri, Gujwa-eup, Jeju, on July 17.

‘Snoopy Garden’ is a natural experience theme garden that embodies the comic strip ‘Peanuts’ by American cartoonist Charles M. Schulz. Jeju’s natural beauty is enhanced with Peanuts elements, all encouraging visitors to enjoy the space around them and to spend time as Snoopy would – relaxing. Features include both an indoor space highlighting the Peanuts characters’ relationships, and an outdoor garden where visitors can experience the elements of specific comic strips, including themes of adventure, trouble, courage, and love.

Songdang-ri, the eastern part of Jeju, where ‘Snoopy Garden’ is located, is a major transportation hub, and is rich in resources such as local trees, soil, and rocks. In addition, because of the unique climate of the region, visitors can get a glimpse of not only native Jeju species, but also a picturesque vista of the other nearby mountains. ‘Snoopy Garden’ highlights these resources, climate, and regional characteristics to the fullest, creating a space where visitors can experience various types of relaxation through nature, with each season bringing new reasons for visitors to return.

The indoor component features five different halls, each focusing on the Peanuts characters’ relationships to one another, as well as specific stories pulled directly from the comic strip. Other elements include a courtyard, a roof garden, a Peanuts shop, and Café Snoopy, all designed around experiencing nature and Peanuts.

The outdoor garden allows visitors to focus on relaxation and to enjoy the space and the Peanuts characters in a serene environment.

An official from Snoopy Garden said in a statement, “Snoopy Garden allows visitors to experience the importance of social relationships through the message of life of Snoopy and his friends, as well as the joy of experiencing the changing seasons, and to give warm comfort to the tired body and mind. Snoopy Garden provides a resting place in nature so that anyone who visits can experience a variety of relaxation, and it allows them to escape from their daily worries for a while, and furthermore, to take with them a small happiness.”

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Photo: Warm Puppy Lake, Snoopy Garden, JeJu Island, South Korea

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