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02 September 2020

Technically Creative Launch a Unique Range of Magical Products

Technically Creative are launching a range of products like nothing you have ever seen before. After months of planning, development and programming, three brand-new off the shelf products are ready to be released. Get ready for September 1st, when they will be available to purchase, giving you the chance to bring the Technically Creative brand to your attraction.

Step and Play is the giant interactive keyboard to light up any space. Users interact by stepping across the keys to create the authentic sound of a keyboard. Music can be played from memory or even from a keyboard note guide. As the keys are played, they light up beneath the user’s feet, adding theatre to the experience. Speakers are built into the layout, providing a standalone installation. This interactive truly is plug in and play fun, the only requirements are a flat surface, and a power source.

The Town Planner provides a unique experience for every user. Using the latest in sensory technology and creative programming, Technically Creative have developed an interactive, virtual reality landscape creator. The user is encouraged to place down icon blocks, representing different methods of transport, onto the interactive tabletop. Once an icon is placed, the appropriate pathway for the vehicle is created. Guests can watch on as boats, planes, trains and cars begin travelling around their virtual town. A feature landscape screen is positioned above the table, so users can watch their virtual world develop in real time. No two players will create the same landscape, making for a totally unique experience.

Users will be blown away by the third product from Technically Creative. The Magic Sand Pit turns your imagination into reality in front of your eyes. Through digging and sculpting the sand, users create a landscape that is brought to life through the projector above. Dig trenches and watch them fill with crystal blue water or build mountains and watch them erupt as volcanoes. Prehistoric creatures roam the terrain, transporting the landscape back in time by 66 million years. The possibilities with this interactive are endless, from dense forests to Egyptian wonders, or even alien planets.

Director Marc said on the products, “Our aim is to pioneer magical interactive and immersive experiences which are inspired by what we can make possible, against what is not currently out there. Through our expertise and creative flair, we make fun features come to life!”

Each of these products will be available to purchase from Technically Creative as of September 1st. To find out more about the products, or to enquire about purchasing one, contact the Technically Creative team by clicking here.

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24 September 2020
JRA-Designed Nickelodeon Playtime FEC to Open in China Q4 2020

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Storyland Studios Celebrates Poverty Encounter's TEA Thea

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