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17 August 2021

Zeitgeist Design + Production's "Spirit of the Time": Episode 4 with Peggie Fariss


Peggie Fariss, whose part-time job on the Storybookland attraction at Disneyland in 1966 led to a remarkable career at Walt Disney Imagineering, is the featured guest. Debuts August 20, 2021, 12 noon to 1 p.m. PDT.

Pasadena, CA – Set your time machines for the past … and the future! Zeitgeist Design + Production announces the third “The Spirit of the Time” Zoomcast — a bespoke live peer-to-peer interactive web-based talk show.                                 

Celebrating the history and next generation of themed entertainment, “The Spirit of the Time” promises to share the philosophies, insights and industry tradecraft of the top creatives and executives who made or are making their mark in timeless and timely out-of-home entertainment projects all over the world.         

Piloting the time machine are Ryan Harmon, President, and Joe Lanzisero, Executive Creative Director, Zeitgeist Design + Production, veterans of Walt Disney Imagineering, Universal Creative, Warner Bros. Recreation, Caruso Affiliated, The Hettema Group, and BRC Imagination Arts, among others. The two time travelers will host the live episode, which debuts on July 16, 2021 from 12 noon to 1 p.m. PDT. Access to the hour-long episode is through Eventbrite at; an RSVP is required to view.                       

Joining the Zeitgeist time travelers is guest Peggie Fariss, whose peripatetic career path took her from Disneyland to Walt Disney World to Walt Disney Imagineering over the course of 50 years. Fariss’s roles ranged from ride operator at Disneyland to meeting planner at Walt Disney World.  At Imagineering, she led the historical research covering 40,000 years of communications history on Spaceship Earth and was show producer of The Disney Gallery. Throughout the 1980s and 90s, Fariss served as Disney’s sponsorship guru, working with multiple Imagineering Creative teams to bring international and domestic brand messaging to Disney theme parks around the world. In 2010, Fariss moved to France to lead the Imagineering Design & Show Quality team at Disneyland Paris. She returned to Imagineering headquarters in Glendale in late 2015 and retired seven months later. 

The ultimate insider and witness to the creative force behind Disney’s iconic theme parks, Fariss’s timeless and timely adventures in the Disney stratosphere are not to be missed. 

“This is all about the value of industry folks talking shop with their colleagues about what makes an entertainment experience both timely and timeless,” said Harmon. “We’ve produced three episodes so far, and had a lot of positive feedback from viewers who really enjoyed Tom Morris of Disney fame, John Murdy of Universal, and Jim Steinmeyer, one of the greatest minds in the field of illusion design.” Explained Lanzisero, “It’s a privilege to recognize these superstars, while documenting and sharing their insider views of how entertainment experiences take shape, from concept to reality.”                     

Future episodes of “The Spirit of the Time” will  cover theme parks, next-gen retail and dining experiences, corporate brand centers, museums, and how new technologies are finding their way into these venues. “Set your  clocks for an hour of stimulating conversation with some of the world’s most creative minds,” Harmon added. “There will be a little bit of time travel, a little bit of design philosophy, and lots of insight into how successful entertainment experiences are born in every episode!”

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