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09 November 2021

SeaRobotics to Premier New Autonomous Water Platforms During IAAPA Expo

SeaRobotics, a leading developer of marine robotics and autonomous systems, announced today that it will be unveiling a new collection of customizable Autonomous Water Platforms (AWPs) specifically designed for the themed entertainment industry during the IAAPA Expo in Orlando, Florida, which will be held at the Orange County Convention Center from 16 – 19 November.  

While SeaRobotics has been active for several years in the themed entertainment industry, providing an array of custom engineering, machining, prototyping, fabrication, and small batch assembly services for roller coasters and other ride systems, the company has expanded its portfolio to include specialized AWPs to support water-based attractions, such as themed rides or one-off spectaculars. 

These highly versatile AWPs can be configured to carry out a wide range of functions, from supporting dedicated lighting/laser equipment, to towing scenery, banners and inflatables, to launching pyrotechnics during a live show or special event. The AWPs are fully customizable, both in size and form, and can be deployed as permanent or temporary fixtures, requiring only minimal maintenance. SeaRobotics’ established track record of developing systems reliant on unassisted navigation and failsafe control systems means that operators not only benefit from the precision positioning and performance of the AWPs, but also the operational efficiencies of removing the need for human operation.

“SeaRobotics’ Autonomous Water Platform concepts were developed using the exact same engineering approach and expertise that has successfully designed, developed, and manufactured field-proven autonomous marine systems for the rigors of offshore deployment for over 20 years now,” said Lou Dennis, SeaRobotics’ VP Programs. “We are excited to be exhibiting at the IAAPA Expo, and look forward to showcasing how SeaRobotics is ideally equipped to partner with ride developers and theme park operators to deliver expert engineering serices and failproof technologies, like our AWPs, to enhance their guest’s experience.” 

A team of SeaRobotics engineers will be onhand to to demonstrate the AWP concept in booth 2856 at IAAPA Expo in Orlando, Florida, from 16 – 19 November.  

About SeaRobotics Corporation

Headquartered in Stuart, Florida, SeaRobotics specializes in the design and manufacturing of autonomous marine surface and underwater vehicles and marine robots. The company has a long and successful track record of engineering robust offshore equipment for marine environments around the world. In recent years, SeaRobotics has expanded its market to include the themed entertainment industry. Specialized products include Autonomous Water Platforms (AWPs) of all sizes for entertainment applications in water environments such as water parades and water spectaculars. There are AWPs as small as a personal watercraft for towing a kite or inflatable to massive moving stages for scenery, effects, and live performers. SeaRobotics  also provides an array of specialized engineering, machining, prototyping, fabrication, and small batch assembly services. Recent projects have included the design and fabrication of ride equipment and complex component design such as launch systems, switches, lifts, brakes and safety systems for roller coasters and other ride systems. To learn more, visit


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