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15 July 2015
Tree Houses Port Lympne

Port Lympne's Tree Houses will complete an already broad range of visitor accommodation offers at Damian Aspinall's Zoo complex. Complimenting the original  "Glamping" concepts and the rooms/suites within the House and Estate properties this cluster of elevated pavilions looking over the safari park towards the English Channel provide a more Hollywood Hills experience. This harks back to the heady days of the Sassoon society set when Chaplin and Churchill would visit the House. The pavilions provide individual 2 double bedroom self contained apartments but visitors are still encouraged to engage in the famous Port Lympne social experience centred on the Lappa.

15 July 2015
Dreamland Margate

Dreamland Margate has proved to be a Phoenix rising  literally from the ashes. This unique theme park comprising over 18 authentic rides from each decade from the 1920's to the present day has been complimented by other attractions and an events ground. The signature ride and park icon is the Scenic Railway - a Grade 2* wooden coaster and like the rest of the heritage rides has been entirely rebuilt to modern standards. Within the original heritage status buildings we have also installed a vintage Roller Disco and Pinball Arcade.

15 July 2015
ZSL London Zoo - Asiatic Lion Experience

If these 3 projects were not exciting enough - ray hole architects are also currently implementing the initial environments and infrastructure that will form the future master plan for ZSL London Zoo. The Asiatic Lion Experience is the most ambitious project ZSL has undertaken to date. Comprising large and varied landscaped environments for both Lions and Primates - visitors will be enveloped within a sensorial Indian village, Temple and Fort ruin, the Gir Forest and a Girnar Hills trail. Each environment will provide extraordinary encounters between visitors and animals. 

15 July 2015
London Paramount

And perhaps the icing on the cake is our retained role on London Paramount. As an original member of the "project genesis" team we continue to collaborate and bring continuity to the current extended architectural project team alongside Farrell's. ray hole architects are responsible for the design development of the Leisure Core whilst upholding the project strap line ..... The best of British meets the best of Hollywood ......

09 July 2015
FlyOver America will be introduced in Minnesota 2016

An i-Ride flying theatre - FlyOver America - is being built in Mall of America, the biggest shopping mall in States, and will be opened in the spring of 2016. The investor is the owner of FlyOver Canada, which has a highly successful operation at Vancouver’s Canada Place that reached break even less than 2 years from its first launch. 

Vancouver tourism entrepreneurs Stephen Geddes and Andrew Strang expressed their willing to share the FlyOver experience with the rest of the world. Strang also mentioned, “The appeal of feeling like you’re truly soaring over stunning landscapes, and sharing that fun with friends and family in a fun and safe environment, is universal.”

A film crew that produced Disney amusement park rides, such as Soarin’ Over California and Star Tours, has been contracted to create FlyOver America’s feature film, which also invested by Brogent as well. Over the coming months, the team will travel across the United States to capture the US’s most eye-catching scenes such as the Statue of Liberty, Golden Gate Bridge and the Grand Canyon. Seasonal attractions like a Christmas ride to the North Pole are also planned to play in FlyOver America during special seasons as well.

The mall area spans 4.2 million square feet of building area consisting of 520 shops, the Nickelodeon Universe indoor amusement park, an aquarium and mini-golf course. The investors are confident about FlyOver America because more than tens of millions of visitors were seen in Mall of America every year. The total budget for this particular i-Ride destination attraction is greater than the previous Canadian i-Ride, with equivalent 20 million USD of totally investment in the Mall of America. Brogent will cooperate with the investor with best effort and create another successful flying theatre in North America. 

15 June 2015
Disneyland Resort to Sparkle During Diamond Anniversary with New Nighttime Spectacles

“PainttheNight” parade – New technology and unleashed imagination permeate this after-dark parade, flooding Main Street, U.S.A., in Disneyland with vibrant color and more than 1.5 million, brilliant #LED lights that flash and glow as they bring Disney stories to life." #entertainment #engineering By Joe Klieman,

01 May 2015
Sysco AV brings Chatham Dockyard into 21st Century with Delta Media Server

Located on the River Medway just outside London, Chatham Dockyard has played a vital role in supporting the Royal Navy for over 400 years. From the Spanish Armada in the 16th century to the Falklands crisis, ships have been built and repaired at Chatham. These include Lord Admiral Nelson’s ships – the Victory and the Valient.

19 February 2015
Team Themesparx are delighted to have been shortlisted for a Yorkshire Business Masters Award 2015

Team Themesparx are delighted to have been shortlisted for a Yorkshire Business Masters Award in the Newcomer category. The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on 26 February 2015. 

27 January 2015
Water Oasis Attraction Featured in World Waterpark Magazine

Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park opened its newest attraction, Water Oasis, in July 2014. BaAM began collaborating with Gilroy Gardens early in the design process, providing art direction for the ½-acre site to incorporate organic shapes and colors in interpretive graphics aimed at encouraging learning through play.  To that end, Water Oasis is an exciting play area for young guests complete with water slides, a splash pad, and an interactive mini river system where kids can control waterway flow with colorful wheels, gates, and dams.   

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