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19 August 2020

Waffles or pancakes? Industry members dig in at TEA Tuesday virtual mixer hosted by Western Division

On Tuesday, August 11, the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) Western North America Division threw open the doors of their Zoom room to 75 industry members from across the globe for the latest #TEAdigital TEA Tuesday mixer.

Hosted by TEA Western Board member Lacy K. Campbell, a group of entertainment professionals - longtime TEA members, NextGen and first-time guests - came together in a very chatty grid for three sessions of speed networking. Attendees were randomly sorted into smaller groups to network and answer some icebreaker questions.

Each session had a set of prompts: one quick “this or that” question and a more open-ended conversation starter. The first session asked people to choose between pancakes or waffles, then talk about their favorite restaurant in the world.

After a quick regroup (and a heated discussion about waffles, pancakes, and tot waffles), participants were on to their second round, this time talking about music. Hip hop or classical? What was the first piece of music they bought with their own money ...and was that purchase a download, a record, or as some attendees groaned, a wax cylinder?

The final session tapped into everyone’s longing to travel, asking people to pick between mountains or beach, then inviting them to talk about the next trip they’d love to take.

The event was a welcome opportunity to connect between old friends and to make new contacts. Some had to duck out early, but didn't want to miss the chance to say hello. Others stuck around long after the event officially concluded.

The mixer provided a welcome opportunity for participants to network and socialize as well as show off their snazziest virtual backgrounds. We all miss seeing our TEA friends in person, and this series has been an invaluable part of the TEA Digital mix, bringing themed entertainment professionals together, connecting old friends and building new contacts.

Contributors (story + screenshots): Lacy K. Campbell, Michael Daut, Kourtney Day, Lisa Jey Schanley

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