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11 July 2022

The Master’s Spotlight Featuring Joe Falzetta

By: Cindy Dice

On the evening of June 29, 2022 over 200 TEA members registered for the Master’s Spotlight featuring Joe Falzetta. They were treated to a prerecorded interview between Joe, a retired Disney Imagineer, and Mel McGowan from Storyland Studios who conducted the interview. From Pirates of the Caribbean to The Great Movie Ride, Falzetta recounted his vast portfolio of attractions and ride shows he had worked on as TEA members gathered via Zoom to listen to the fascinating process of the design that goes into many projects, such as show scenes, audio, and themed lighting.

Falzetta previously worked as a technical director for an educational theater show set designer and even taught classes for eight years at various universities, including the University of Las Vegas, on how to create an atmospheric stage set. He then applied that knowledge when he became a Disney Imagineer by assisting with the lighting design of EPCOT. Halfway through the event, TEA members were offered the chance to ask McGowan and Falzetta questions regarding the process of the lighting layout and how to break into the industry.

See screenshots from the event here

Watch the entire session including Q&A on our Youtube Channel here:  https://youtu.be/vPDeJwbqWqM


***Special thanks to TEA Western Division Communications Committee Members, Michael Libby, Event graphic, Jon Bryan Salvador, Event Brite content and YouTube writer; Sabrina Hidden, Pre-social and post-social media graphics; Cindy Dice, Article writer; Jamie Hamlin, Pre-event social media writer; Jack Stolrow, Video editor; Lisa Jey Schanley, Western Division Board Member, Communications Committee Co-Chair, Social Media Writer, and social content editor; Alyssa Lloyd, Communications Committee Secretary for keeping us all together. ***


Posted by Morgan Lucchese



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