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09 July 2018

TEA Eastern Division tours museums in Brooklyn and Philadelphia

The Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) Eastern North America Division calendar of events includes behind-the-scenes tours of notable museums and museum exhibits. Trent Oliver of Blue Telescope reports on two such gatherings that happened earlier this year: The "David Bowie Is" exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum, and the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia.

BOWIE IN BROOKLYN (New York) - On May 24, 2018,  a fun-loving, rocking group of (TEA) members explored "David Bowie Is" at the Brooklyn Museum. This is an international traveling exhibition that originated with the V&A in London and has been going strong for several years.

The exhibit is a feast for the senses and, of course, comes with headphones for each explorer, to hear the fantastical music by the infamous artist. Visitors are led by their ears as audio is triggered in the space depending upon where one is standing. 

Organized in 26 sections from Influences to Costumes, the exhibition is a tribute to Bowie’s life and many forms of art in nearly every medium imaginable. Over 50 video pieces expand the experience from TV clips to tour footage to music videos and beyond.

The audio made the exploration more personal and intimate. The audio was effortless and you felt like you were invited into each exhibition by Bowie himself. As Bowie fans and enthusiasts of entertainment and exciting spectacle, our TEA group quickly found themselves going from group to “groupies” as the event unfolded.

At the mixer following the tour, In the outdoor space of Washington Commons (pictured at top and above right) there was no shortage of discussion on this thrilling and provocative exhibit. Michael Stiller of sponsor company upLIGHT, noted “upLIGHT was proud to be a part of this event.  It was great to experience this exhibit in the company of all our TEA friends and colleagues.”

Other companies represented in the group attending "David Bowie Is" included Blue Telescope, upLIGHT, 4Wall, Quantum Creative Studios, Man Made Music, LargeGood, Electrosonic and Adirondack Studios.


REVOLUTION IN PHILLY (Pennsylvania) - The Museum of the American Revolution is one of Philadelphia's newest museums and on January 23, 2018 was the site of an earlier TEA outing to a museum in the Eastern Corridor. The group of about 30 visitors (see photo above) were treated to a private tour of the museum along with several of the museum's creators.

Visitors are taken back to the beginning of unrest in Boston to the signing of the Declaration of Independence, and finally the creation of the American Republic. A tribute to the ideas and events that the United States was founded on, the exhibitions are as educational as they are inspiring - with no shortage of drama. 

The TEA group enjoyed a behind-the-scenes perspective on the project as team members spoke about the museum creation and the collaboration of creating the iconic Washington’s Headquarters Tent. Dan Bosin Associates gave an overview. George Mayer of Maltbie, A Kubik Company, spoke about exhibit fabrication, Andrew Kidd of Electrosonic spoke about the audiovisual system design and challenges. Steven Rosen and Ted Mather of Available Light spoke about the lighting design.

Visitors to this museum are invited by the docents to investigate answers to some of history’s pressing questions, such as: How do people become Revolutionaries? What kind of nation did the Revolution create? Through a mix of interactives, life-size replicas, theatre presentations, photos and historical documentation, the group was left with much to ponder and appreciate about the birth of a Nation.

After the exploration the TEA group moved across the street for a spirited and tasty mixer at Amada, where we enjoyed excellent tapas and conversation. Among our group was TEA Eastern North America Division President Melissa Ruminot of The Nassal Company.

Companies represented at this event included Cortina Productions, Blue Telescope, The Nassal Company, Fashion Institute of Technology, Raven Sun Creative, Center for Cultural Studies & Analysis, UpLight and Electrosonic.


Posted by Judy Rubin



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