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27 May 2020

Hitting warp speed: the new TEA universe - update from TEA COO Jennie Nevin

To all Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) members and our industry community worldwide:

Our whole world changed in an instant.

We are all wrestling with the COVID crisis and new paradigm, adapting and figuring out how to move forward in business. But a hallmark of our industry is the ability to respond to challenges by creating new excitement and innovation.

At TEA Global Headquarters, we have used this new normal to take us, at warp speed, into the future. It is critical to keep our association visible, well-positioned, responsive and relevant, continuing to serve our members and mission and being prepared for the eventual recovery of the industry.

TEA members remain passionately engaged. As we explore this new territory together, your support as active members, leaders and sponsors is and will continue to be invaluable. 


Staying connected on TEA Digital

As you may know, the TEAm at TEA Global Headquarters has been working remotely since mid-March. We pivoted quickly to develop an effective working and communications routine and to utilize TEA’s already well-established digital channels, to mine TEA’s rich archives and to apply our professional staff’s experience, skills, and expertise to the situation created by COVID-19.

TEA Digital ensures that TEA members continue to have meaningful opportunities to network, share content, remain visible and stay connected to the association and the industry. This keeps us all well positioned as things gradually reopen and we look forward to the time when we can resume in-person meetings, conferences and events.

Since rolling out TEA Digital in response to immediate need on March 20, 2020 we have done 3-5 weekly TEA Digital events, with a full lineup of new programming ahead. The response from the community has been immediate and positive. We have seen active engagement, an uptick in numbers on all fronts, and encouraging diversity among the participants as well as the topics, presentation formats and locations. TEA staff have done an excellent job of production, curation, outreach, and marketing. We have acted on many excellent suggestions from the TEA leadership brain trust.

We are reaching our audience in new ways, and that audience is growing.

Check the TEA Events Page to see what's coming up on TEA Digital.

Many of you have already taken part in TEA Digital programming. If not, you are strongly encouraged to jump in as soon as possible!

Make sure you're following TEA on social media:

TEA Digital includes TEA Tuesday virtual mixers, Wednesday Webinars on a variety of topics, TEA Watch Parties on Facebook and weekly conversation threads in TEA’s LinkedIn group. It engages TEA members and the worldwide industry at large on a range of platforms with a menu of weekly, online events and communication.   

You will find upcoming events listed on the TEA Events Page, and they are also promoted on all TEA channels. 

Resources for you

TEA’s website has been updated with a new “Stay Connected” button that points to a page of helpful resources with special member messaging.

Stay connected to your TEA colleagues in COVID times! Make the most of what TEA offers online.


Appreciation for Global Partners

Three of TEA’s valued Global Partners (Disney, Wanda, and Chimelong) were recently spotlighted with unique articles on the TEA Blog. More to come! 

TEA is here for you

TEA headquarters is working to serve members and the industry community. We are staying on message and staying on mission in the COVID crisis, while also continuing to fulfill the current TEA strategies.

Staying in touch and staying connected are essential to our success and for TEA to continue to fulfill its mission. Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions or comments to [email protected]

Go TEAm!

Jennie Nevin

Chief Operating Officer

TEA - Themed Entertainment Association

TEA is here for you in the tough times. See full article here.


Posted by Judy Rubin



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