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23 May 2020

Stories from the Trenches: Greg Senner reports on the May 13 TEA webinar

Greg Senner of Hoplite LBE, VP of the TEA Eastern North America Division Board, moderated the webinar, "Stories from the Trenches on May 13, 2020.

Wednesday Webinars from the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) are part of the TEA Digital programming serving members and the attractions industry community.

Here is Greg Senner's report:

“Stories From The Trenches” was an escape from the stresses of the world around us. By sharing meaningful work-related anecdotes from past experience, the panelists' intent was to inspire a feeling of joy and hope. These kinds of stories help us remember that though there will always be hurdles, with thoughtful insight and long-standing relationships to depend on, anything can be overcome. With a little peek into their origin stories, work history and life experiences, the panelists were entertaining and engaging, welcoming everyone to get a sense at what makes us who we are.   


The webinar presenters were:

  • Trent Oliver, Blue Telescope (TEA Eastern Division Board President)
  • John Paul “JP” Geurts, Universal Creative
  • Cynthia Sharpe, Thinkwell
  • Jeremy Railton, Railton Entertainment Design (a Thea lifetime honoree)
  • Kile Ozier, The Guy
  • and myself (Greg Senner, Hoplite LBE) as moderator and presenter


The stories ranged from “How I got into this business” to celebrity meetings, to stories related to the making of their favorite projects and accomplishments.  

The webinar closed with a question-and-answer session that focused heavily on mentorship and how to find employment in the themed entertainment industry under the current challenging conditions. The panelists shared a common message on this: Networking.

Versatility was also emphasized. “I am a fan of people becoming a jack-of-all-trades. We are all useful in many areas. Our talents are needed in this world. Open up your mind to dream of what is possible and surround yourself with people that believe in you," said Trent Oliver. 

As to the conversation on employment, the recommendation was to look to adjacent industries, such as architecture or media, for experience and skill development. 

The final message was to reach out to your fellow TEA members and make the most of the programming and resources the association offers. “The TEA is one of the most welcoming and accepting areas of the entertainments industry,” said John Paul “JP” Geurts.

Thanks to all my fellow panelists, the TEA Eastern Division and TEA Headquarters for their support in creating and presenting this webinar. Thanks also to Rich Hill of Sally Dark Rides for his assistance with this report. - Greg Senner

Posted by Judy Rubin



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