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03 June 2020

Tell the stories - We can make a difference


We are all struggling to understand and cope in a world that has been torn by the COVID pandemic and now, the death of George Floyd, one in a long history of racial injustices.

We are saddened, but hopeful. This is a loud wakeup call for humanity. At this moment, across the US and in many parts of the world our streets are filled with protestors. It is time for thought and for action.


In the themed entertainment industry, there are things that we are uniquely positioned to do.


Take action.

Help us and others check bias. Examine business practices and initiatives. Make room at the meeting table and at the podium.

Make a difference by mentoring, donating, volunteering, sharing resources, listening and promoting dialogue. Support organizations that promote inclusion and equality. Be an advocate for human rights in your work and your life.


There are more and different stories to tell.

The Themed Entertainment Association and our members are committed to demonstrating conscientious leadership through our global and regional programs, digital events, strategic initiatives and ongoing dialogue.

It’s the art, craft and business of the TEA community to create shared experiences that bring us together: stories of hope and caring, magic and adventure, wonder and imagination, conflict and resolution, education and history, of tragedy, grief, pain and the need for change.

These values are reflected in our best work - achievements that inspire, entertain and educate and carry universal messages all around the world.

These values are expressed in diversity initiatives within our companies and associations and charitable organizations. But we all can do better.


The TEA global community has the tools, the skills and the will.

We can make a difference.

Let’s tell the stories.


Michael Blau, TEA International Board President

Jennie Nevin, TEA Chief Operating Officer



Posted by Judy Rubin



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