13 April 2021

Episode 1 Speakers Announced for TEA SATE Global Series: REINVENTION

Speakers Announced for 06 May 2021 Episode 1 of TEA SATE Global Series: REINVENTION 



Special ticket prices for TEA SATE Global Series:

Members: $250 $99 USD

NextGen Members: $150 $49 USD

Non-Members: $350 $199 USD


Episode 1: Guest Expectations Drive Reinvention  

Looking Ahead: Making positive change during and after the global pandemic

Prior to 2020, it would have been hard to imagine a global event that could have had such an impact on our industry – an industry that relies on bringing people together in their leisure time. This keynote sessions brings together industry leaders form around the world to share strategic perspectives on the positive outcomes of the pandemic, the importance of our work as a global industry in what’s next, and to offer advice and encouragement for our global audience. 

Speakers include: Andreas Anderson (CEO, Liseberg), Owen Zhao (President, TEA Asia Pacific Board & President, Min-Max International Co., Ltd,) Chad Kunimoto (Manager, Global Business Development, Themed Entertainment, Panasonic) Chuck Fawcett (TEA International Board President & CEO, Animax Designs).


Adjusting to Changing Times

The pandemic certainly is a challenge but also an opportunity. It accelerates new thinking and the implementation of new or already existing technologies. In fact, in the future we may be looking back and say “can you imagine that before 2020 people were still shaking hands, wasted time by daily commuting to work in traffic jams, preferring extensive travel over time and money saving video calls, and people were still putting up with long packed queue lines?" Kees Albers, CEO of Unlimited Leisure, explores all of this and more to help us all adjust to the changing times. 


Let’s Get Back to Business

As the pandemic and its associated safety measures continue to wreak personal, business, and economic havoc, it seems that whatever “the new normal” is, it is going to be anything but normal. Hear how this group of TEA entrepreneurs tackled these challenges by developing an advisory group to study and assist clients with germicidal lighting, a science-based, cost-effective solution that inactivates pathogens. Learn how their collaboration can help venue owners provide a safer guest experience and manage new guest expectations and regulatory obligations. 

This panel includes: Steve Birket (TEA Past President & Vice President, Birket Engineering), Brian Buholtz (President, Buholtz Professional Engineering), Christine Marez (Vice President, Sustainability, Cumming), Mark D. Fergus (Regional Vice President for Southwest, Cumming) and Lisa Passamonte Green (CEO and Principal-in-Charge, Visual Terrain, Inc.) and is moderated by David Green (COO and President, Visual Terrain, Inc.).


A Castle Reimagined

Inspired by dreamers and believers, the re-imagined Castle of Magical Dreams stands proudly as the centerpiece of Hong Kong Disneyland as a symbol of hopes, dreams, and possibilities. This presentation explores the design, fabrication and construction processes used to reimagine an iconic structure. Using the 13 stories of Disney Princesses and Queens as inspiration, the architectural design of the castle embraces their unique characteristics, through the subtle interpretation of colors, icons, symbols, patterns and cultural features.

The design takes cues from many different architectural styles and references from different parts of the world, based on our Princesses and Queens’ origins, in turn celebrating a sense of diversity and inclusion. As the new castle was expanded upon an existing castle and the whole transformation happened in an operating park, an innovative construction strategy was devised and used to reduce the construction time onsite. It is the first time ever for a castle to undergo such a grand transformation in Disney history. 

Featuring the Walt Disney Imagineering Asia team of Kelly Willis (Executive Creative Director), Amanda Chiu (Producer) and Louise Pang (Director of Environmental Design & Engineering) and moderated by Mark Schirmer (Creative Executive).


Stay tuned for more information about up and coming speaker line-ups and session details for SATE Global Episodes 2, 3 & 4!

Once aired, all episodes remain available to ticket holders on-demand through 31 July 2021.

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