27 April 2021

Episode 3 + 4 Speakers Announced for TEA SATE Global Series: REINVENTION presented by The Hettema Group



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Hosted by Evi Sari

Thursday, 17 June 


Future Told: Writing and Living New Myths

Creative leaders from Meow Wolf will explore the fundamental connections of storytelling to what makes us human, the importance of chaos in the creative process and the idea of centralizing the guest as storyteller.  This is sure to be surprising and potentially an unpredictable journey will open our minds to the idea that working in non-standard ways helps the greatest diversity of ideas to emerge. And that ultimately, we can all live the myth we create when we blur the lines of fantasy and reality.  

Join Matt King, (Co-Founder & Senior Creative Director, Meow Wolf), Laika Young (Lead Experience Designer, Meow Wolf), Genell Hoechstetter (Senior Creative Director, Meow Wolf) and Jerome Morrison (Design Technologist, Meow Wolf) as they explore this fascinating topic.


Application of Digital Technology in Theme Parks: Beijing Universal Resort

Tencent and Universal Beijing Resort are collaboratively exploring the application of digital technology in theme parks, using core technologies in the fields of AI, big data, navigation, security, etc., to create intelligent, convenient, and personalized park visitor experiences through WeChat mini programs, park APPs and other applications, while exploring resource integration of cross-sector industries, such as IP, gaming, e-sports, and music, allowing visitors to experience immersive entertainment in the park. 

We welcome Rita Zeng (President of Tencent Culture & Tourism).


Life, The Metaverse, and Everything: How Virtual Worlds are LBE's Final Frontier          

What will the Art of the Experience look like five years from now?  Ten years? 

Twenty?  New hardware that powers AR, VR, and XR content is here, and rapidly advancing. New technologies are about to collide with lessons learned from immersive theater and social gaming, to birth "The Metaverse" — a digital world overlaid on top of our own.  What exactly is "The Metaverse," and how can one best use these new technologies to create memorable new types of guest experiences?  A panel of experts drawn from across the new media landscape will discuss why you shouldn't just be considering the Metaverse when developing a new attraction— you should be thinking about it for your entire business strategy moving forward.

Speakers include Leila Amirsadeghi, (Senior Program Manager, Altspace VR / Microsoft), Adam Arrigo, (CEO & Co-Founder, Wave), Sarah Elger, (President & Creative Director, Pseudonym Productions), Michaela Ternasky-Holland, (Experiential AR/VR Creative Strategist), and Michael Libby, (Founder & CEO, Worldbuildr). 



Hosted by Adam Bezark

Thursday, 8 July


Pandemic Lemonade

What can we squeeze from this lemon of a year to refresh and reinvent our industry moving forward? In the face of dramatic upheaval, today's creators are finding new ways to connect with audiences and deliver compelling places and experiences in quarantine-friendly formats. Some of these techniques have the potential to shift aspects of the industry in exciting ways, even after the necessity for social distancing. This will be a panel discussion featuring creators from The Bezark Company, Netflix, Mister & Mischief, and artist April Soetarman, who will explore unique storytelling techniques that they’ve developed and utilized in the past few months. These creative approaches have the potential to make our industry more accessible and more engaging, even for those who cannot attend traditional, in-person experience in the future.

Featuring Adam Bezark, (President / Creative Director, The Bezark Company), Jeff Crocker, (Co-founder / Creative Producer, Mister & Mischief), Andy Crocker, (Co-founder / Creative Consultant & Live Experience Director, Mister & Mischief), April Soetarman, (Experience Designer)  Greg Lombardo, (Head of Experiences, Netflix).


Asking the Right Questions

What makes an attraction inclusive? What perspectives should you include, and how can you engage more diverse voices throughout your project strategy and execution?  “Asking the Right Questions” offers an informal, practical rubric for creating themed experiences that are all the more meaningful, fun, and memorable.  With backgrounds in museums, attractions, interactive tech, and people management, the three panelists approach these practices from a range of viewpoints. Learn how your approach to recruitment, design, and production can go a long way to making every guest feel truly welcome.

This panel includes Trent Oliver (Principal and Managing Director, Blue Telescope), Monica O. Montgomery, (Curator of Special Projects + Programs with Smithsonian Institution Arts + Industries Building, CoFounder and Strategic Director of Museum Hue), and Leah Jaikaran, (Director of People, Forrec). 


Shared Connections Through Five Universal Languages

Is it possible to develop universal content that works across cultures and demographics?  From a melodical reading of the Quran in Dubai to the tick-tock of the Astronomical Clock in Prague. Whether it’s Spaceship Earth at EPCOT, the lighting of the last Olympic Opening Ceremony in Rio de Janeiro or even the math of Buzz Price; we’ll discover that it is possible to develop stories that transcend cultures and demographics using the universal languages of music, geography, light, time and math. This conversation brings together creators with expertise in each of these disciplines to share their experiences in developing universal content that works across cultures and demographics to bridge cultures through storytelling and create shared connections around the world. 

Speakers include Eric Hoff (Creative Director, Thinkwell) Ignacio “Iggy” Rosenberg, (Senior Director, Lightswitch), Yael Coifman (Senior Partner, Leisure Development Partners (LDP), and Geoff Thatcher (Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Creative Principals).




TEA SATE Global Series: REINVENTION will be broadcast for ticket holders as follows:



Thursday, 6 May 

8am PDT / 11am EDT / 4pm BST / 5pm CEST / 11pm CST


EPISODE 2 – REAL-TIME MAGIC: How Video Game Technology is Revolutionizing our Industry          

Thursday, 27 May 

8am PDT / 11am EDT / 4pm BST / 5pm CEST / 11pm CST



Thursday, 17 June 

8am PDT / 11am EDT / 4pm BST / 5pm CEST / 11pm CST



Thursday, 8 July 

8am PDT / 11am EDT / 4pm BST / 5pm CEST / 11pm CST


Once aired, all episodes remain available to ticket holders on-demand through 31 July 2021.



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