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28 September 2021

Design Days: A Lunch & Learn Series

Take a quick break from work and join TEA Western Division for our new digital event, Drawing Days: A Lunch & Learn Series! Tune in for a lesson in visual communication through sketching from one of our talented organization members. From the comfort of your desk, bring a paper, pencil, pen and a sharpie and let's learn to draw together!


This session's designer: Josh Schwartz

Josh Schwartz is a production designer and artist with a passion for theme parks, live spectacles, and immersive experiences. He has worked with various themed entertainment companies, currently as a lead creative designer with Adirondack Studios, on global thematic projects, many in which the concept design through production of props, graphics, and scenery play a huge role. Using a diverse range of skills, he knows what it takes to transform a concept from napkin sketch to final product. Most notably, his drawings and colorful painting style help visualize new ideas and celebrate great attractions and pop culture icons. You may even catch him drawing WHILE RIDING your favorite theme park ride!



Posted by Josephine Gilmore



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