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16 April 2021


Thank you to everyone who attended last Friday. Our TEA Town Hall gatherings are intended to give everyone in the association a voice as we work to grow a truly global community. Your participation helps TEA become stronger, smarter, more culturally aware, and more universally inclusive. Every member is an integral part of the TEA - and the Town Hall gives each of us the chance to talk about how things are going, to share our progress, to recognize our growing pains and acknowledge the missteps we will make along the way. 


Click here to watch the video - it's almost like being there


Why a ‘Town Hall’?


In case you're not sure what a 'Town Hall' is - well, there are many definitions. it's a forum for conversation and a way to explore members’ ideas and thoughts; it's a Q & A; it's a place where the questions are posed by members and presented to TEA Leadership to answer, interpret and discuss with the participants. It's also a chance for all of us to learn and grow together to make our association the best it can be for every member.


During the Town Hall held on Friday, April 9 we discussed a wide variety of topics - most questions were posed anonymously and answered first by members of the Executive Committee, with other TEA Leaders from Divisional Boards, the International Board, and those serving on various Committees contributing to the conversations and discussions. Here are some of the TEA Town Hall hot topics:


  • Promoting increased global participation in the TEA through consistent messaging, focusing on dynamic global perspectives and improving cultural awareness of all leaders and members.


  • Focusing on the TEA Code of Conduct as we transition back to in-person events.  TEA needs to post clear guidelines and identify how they will be enforced.  In addition, identifying methods of reporting and taking action when a participant’s personal space is violated.  Identifying who each of us can to turn when we need help and how this all plays out regarding our many global cultures. 


  • We talked about Cultural considerations on every level and the work we have yet to do - in marketing, communications, knowledge-sharing and in all of our events.


  • The need to cultivate a diversity of candidates for the TEA IBoard from various regions with improved methods to get to know our nominees.  Suggestions included videos, in addition to bios, as a way to learn more about candidates running for a Board position.


  • The search for the new Executive Director: there has been an exceptional number of qualified candidates. We discussed what we're looking for: someone with a strong vision, well qualified, with international and multi-cultural experience and someone that has the leadership and organizational skills to position TEA for growth.


Click here to watch the video - it's almost like being there


We want to hear from you!


Now that you've watched Friday's Town Hall - or watched it again, we want to know what did you think? What future topics would you like to see covered and who else would you like to hear from? We want YOUR feedback!  


Please take a moment to respond to this quick survey: 



Check your social media and email for the time/place of our next Town Hall and get your questions ready to submit, and definitely join us for the discussion.  


TEA is all about you and this is your Town Hall. 


See you there!  

Posted by Sarah Barges



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