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19 August 2022

TEA introduces: Petro Art Production – Experts in themed rockwork

Petro Art Production, the “rockstars of the theming industry” as their slogan states, are a company that specializes in artificial rockwork and shotcrete theming. From concept design, over technical analysis, to on-site construction of realistic rocks, the company provides its clients with a full package for their theming needs. Their specialization and primarily used material is shotcrete, from which they sculpt natural-looking rocks above and below water, detailed façades, and imprinted stamped concrete. With their highly experienced artists, Petro Art Production provides theme parks, zoos and all other leisure destinations with their unique products.

For more than 30 years, their founder’s passion (are) rocks and after starting their own company, Petro Art Production has managed to make a name for themselves in the industry. Recently they had the chance to partake in iconic projects such as record-breaking coaster ‘Fønix’ at Fårup Sommerland, the freshly opened attraction ‘Le Pteranodon’ at Babyland Amiland, and latest area ‘Dinosaurland’ at Djurs Sommerland. 

                              Jeep Safari Ride “Dino Xpedition” – Rockwork with integrated waterfall

‘Dinosaurland’, the new themed area designed by Leisure Expert Group, consists out of multiple new rides, a themed playground and many Jurassic rockworks. Petro Art Production has been involved in various aspects spread across the whole area – for the powered coaster alone, the rockwork specialists sculpted over 1.000m2 of shotcrete, framing the track with carefully positioned rocks, reaching all the way up to the coaster’s height. For the themed playground, Petro’s team constructed artificial rocks as a natural fencing between attractions, and for the area’s Jeep Safari ride, their artists created rockwork around the track including an integrated waterfall and a cave. Lastly they also executed parts of the stamped concrete and  created stamps of fossils and dinosaur prints to highlight the pathways around the area.

CEO and managing director of Djurs Sommerland Henrik B. Nielsen described the company’s performance by saying: “Petro really did a good job here and it’s been good working with them”, but stresses that this is not the opinion that counts the most to him. “More important is that the guests here in the park are really happy with this new area here. (…) They are saying that this part of the park is a new level of Djurs Sommerland. So for us it’s their opinion that is most important for us and the guests really like it”.

                             Powered Coaster “T-Rex Family Coaster” – Rocks around the coaster

Petro Art Production’s mission is to provide the highest quality of their products and services, to guarantee the client’s satisfaction and build long-term relationships with their clients. The projects for the Danish park are proof of that mission’s success, having resulted in a trusted relationship between the two parties. Apart from their involvement in the Dinosaurland area, the rockwork company also helped rebuilding the park’s Pirate Snack Bar, which burned down right before Petro arrived for their first construction works. Nielson concludes: “It’s been very good to work together with Petro and I’m sure that if we have a project in the future that involves rockwork, then of course we will have a talk with Petro again. No doubt about that!”

                            Themed playground “Dinosaur Legepladsen” – Rockwall as natural fence

If you are interested to find out more about the company’s journey of bringing new standards of excellence to the theming industry, make sure to pay them a visit at the IAAPA Expo in London at their booth #3634 or spot one of their team members at the TEA Mixer – they are looking forward to meeting you! To schedule an appointment at their booth or for any other inquiries, you can reach out to them via [email protected] or +31 6 5028 2590.

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