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07 June 2022

TEA meets with US Assistant Secretary of Commerce

Orlando, June 06, 2022 -  TEA International Board of Directors President-elect Melissa Ruminot met today with US Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Industry and Analysis Grant Harris. The Industry and Analysis business unit works with associations to aggregate and represent the needs of industry in the formulation of U.S. foreign commercial and economic policy. Assistant Secretary Harris asked to meet with TEA to learn about TEA members’ challenges and needs. The lunch meeting was arranged by US Department of Commerce Orlando Director Kenneth Mouradian.

Assistant Secretary Harris was made aware of the themed entertainment industry’s projects, membership, and global diversity. Supply chain, international payment, and other trade & commerce issues common to TEA members were discussed. Potential solutions, events, and future TEA/US Department of Commerce collaborations were considered.

The meeting was held as part of the Assistant Secretary’s visit to IPW2022 at the Orange County Convention Center. Mindi Hertzog, US Department of Commerce Senior International Trade Specialist; Javier Marin, Central Florida Development Council; Chris Leggett, International Business Development Program Manager for the Central Florida International Trade Office; and others attended the lunch.
























Pictured left-to-right are TEA International President-elect Melissa Ruminot, US Assistant Secretary of Commerce Grant Harris, and TEA Past International President Steve Birket.

Posted by Barbara Myers CAE



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