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26 May 2015

Themed Entertainment curricula expand - New Columbia U program includes Don Marinelli

TEA member Don Marinelli is one of the pioneers of themed entertainment education in academia. Don recently joined the faculty of the Columbia University School of Continuing Education in New York, NY to be part of the new Entertainment Technology Management program at this Ivy League institution.

Don recently reached out to TEA to share information about the new program at Columbia. In light of our past association and continued relationship with Don, we are pleased to share it here and to offer wishes for success and hopes of possible future collaboration.

Don is well known to the TEA community for co-founding the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh - which he headed for many years along with the late Randy Pausch (and which will be the setting for TEA's SATE 2015 conference Sept 17-18) Don has been a memorable, compelling speaker at two TEA SATE conferences himself. He is an enthusiastic advocate of the SATE format for defining our unique industry. (Storytelling+Architecture+Technology=Entertainment) 

To inquire further about the new Entertainment Technology Management program at Columbia, send email to [email protected] Applicants for the coming semester have a July 15 deadline.

Posted by Judith Rubin



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