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Thea Awards 2014

Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement - Unique Art Installation

Marine Worlds Carousel, Les Machines de l’ïle, Nantes, France

Image 1/1: Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement - Unique Art Installation: Marine Worlds Carousel, Les Machines de l’ïle

Located on an island of the Loire River in Nantes, France, in an abandoned shipyard warehouse, one is delighted to find “Les Machines de l’ïle.” A true experimental laboratory created by two artists, François Delarozière and Pierre Orefice, it offers a fantasy world that mixes the imagination of Jules Verne with the mechanical universe of Leonardo da Vinci. An incredible collection of mechanical wonders such as the Great Elephant, which is a 50-passenger, walking mechanical elephant and the magnificent flying Heron tree, the pair have now created a stunning new addition, The Marine Worlds Carousel. 

This giant, three-tiered carousel, 25m high and 22m in diameter, is incredible machinery that reawakens fairground art. In this fascinating structure dedicated to the three levels of the sea, guests will discover delightful, animated mechanical sculptures in all forms of sea life. From the giant crab and reverse propulsion squid of the seabed, the lantern fish and manta ray of the ocean depth to the jellyfish, flying fish and sailing ships on the surface of the 24 mechanical waves.
Beautiful sculptures of metal and steel, these sea creatures stand on their own as pieces of art. But, they go one step further than that! Guests can board the carousel and, seated inside, operate them to move their appendages, such as fins, tails and tentacles. 

Diameter 22m
Height 25m
Number of elements 35
Number of seats 85
Max capacity 300 guests

The unique quality of the design, the incredible and audacious nature and scale of what would otherwise be a simple carousel, its interactive elements, and most of all its sculptural sophistication and artistic vision continued to grab the attention and made a strong impression on the entire Thea Awards nominating committee. 

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