Thea Awards Recipients

Thea Awards 2017

Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement: Attraction

5D Castle Theater, Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, Hengqin Island, Zhuhai, China

High-quality, high-capacity, high-impact! The scale of this attraction is huge, its ambitions audacious. The 5D Castle Theater at Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, ranked the largest “5D” theater in the world, is a successful, high capacity, popular attraction, technologically excellent, with local story content. Media, theater planning and construction, motion seats, and in-theater effects are all excellent and expertly integrated. It adds up to a truly world-class attraction that further distinguishes Chimelong Group as an owner/operator, and raises the industry bar in China. This is a shining example of what the global themed entertainment industry is capable.

Located in a colorful, whimsical castle near the entrance to Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, this attraction brings to life the park’s mascots - KiKi, KaKa, and KuKu. As the leads in the animated film, these mascots have evolved into something more than merchandise and walk-around characters.

The story whisks guests on an adventure around the world. Seamless, 4K digital projection on a massive, wrap-around screen fills viewers’ peripheral vision while 4D seats add motion and in-theater effects to the experience. At the finale, a huge, overhead rig brings animatronic versions of the mascots in their flying airplane parrot out over the house for a final farewell.

“World’s largest” often signifies “compromise,” but this attraction is not only giant, it’s also well done. It utilizes multiple, stitched projectors and multichannel surround sound in a theater of more than 1,000 4D motion seats, with an innovative, overhead tracking scenic element that raises and lowers as it traverses on a track over the house with on-board animatronics.

This attraction quickly became a favorite of the park and, according to park management, has improved retail sales of mascot-related merchandise. From an equipment, facility, planning and design standpoint, as well as execution, the 5D Castle Theater stands as a world-class attraction.

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