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Thea Awards 2017

Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement - Innovative Ride System

Mack Rides' Inverted Powered Coaster

The Inverted Power Coaster system is a hybrid that combines the showmanship of a sophisticated, dark ride vehicle with the visceral thrills of a roller coaster. It was developed by Mack Rides and first tested and installed at Europa-Park (Rust, Germany) as part of the attraction, Arthur in the Kingdom of the Minimoys. It is now part of Mack’s regular product line

The Inverted Power Coaster combines dark-ride, 360-degree spins, variable speeds with gravity, power-fed coaster sections and on-board audio that support any number of configurations. It dissolves the boundaries of traditional ride and attraction categories and offers designers unprecedented flexibility to create new types of guest experiences, and new genres in storytelling thrill rides.

In the “Arthur” installation at Europa-Park, this innovative ride system is a most impressive feature of the experience. Riding along a track that snakes in and out of doors, through show sets and around the natural environs surrounding the show building, the new ride system builds on Mack Rides’ existing powered coaster design and turns it on its head—literally.

The ability to slow and speed up using vehicle-mounted motors allows for outstanding pace control in show scenes, combined with the ability to rotate left and right in a controlled manner, focusing guests’ attention wherever desired. Each car features on-board audio, and can be let loose via gravity for thrilling coaster sections, as well. The powered nature of the individual trains eliminates the requirement for a traditional roller coaster lift hill, allowing the free-wheeling coaster aspect of the attraction to catch the rider by surprise.

Different from a technical innovation, this ride is an evolution of pre-existing technologies that have been cleverly combined and packaged so that one ride system can do many things, opening up many possibilities for future storytellers and attraction designers.

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