Thea Awards Recipients

Thea Awards 2020

Thea Classic Award

Pageant of the Masters, Laguna Beach, CA, USA

The Pageant inspires and exposes people to artwork that they may have otherwise never been aware of, through a technique called Tableaux Vivant or Living Pictures, a unique combination of elements blending live performance, storytelling and the theater arts for an educational and entertaining experience that has been enjoyed by some 140,000 guests. This illusionary stage show has taken place every summer since 1933, recreating classical and contemporary art works in faithful detail. Each season more than 500 volunteers donate their skills and talent to make paintings come to life on four stages surrounded by a canyon in a 90-minute program that includes a professional narrator and orchestra accompaniment. 

Set in a beautiful canyon on four surrounding stages, the program consists of a variety of art pieces carefully selected and based on that year’s theme, both Classical and Contemporary. The Masterpieces are presented with hand-painted, live humans, who pose motionless in a perfectly recreated background set, for 90 seconds at a time. A professional narrator tells informative and fascinating stories of each piece, while a full orchestra and singers accompany and accentuate each mood. 

The lighting and stagecraft are exceptional. The hundreds of highly skilled volunteers join their talents to build sets, paint backgrounds, recreate sculptures, fabricate costumes, apply makeup, design lighting, and participate in the Tableaux. Their combined efforts uphold the highest level of production value, as they successfully recreate the numerous works of great masters of visual art.

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