Thea Awards Recipients

Thea Awards 2020

Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement - Museum, Limited Budget

The Cool Planet Experience, Wicklow, Ireland

The Cool Planet Experience applies impressive technology, scenic environments, theatrical lighting and effects, clever visuals and gamification to captivate guests from the moment they receive their interactive wristbands. Located in an historic estate, the experience targets schoolchildren and their families, making climate change relevant at a personal level, inspiring them to become Agents for Change and remain engaged beyond the actual visit.

Several rooms of activities are linked together for a linear experience, and each activity uses a different form of real-time, interactive gaming technology and media for cognitive and physical engagement. “The Disaster Room” uses giant horizontal format media projection to immerse visitors in the realities of climate breakdown. The “Science Dome” asks guests to tag in their wristbands to compare against Irish and world carbon footprint averages. “The Race to 2030” is a series of interactive games in a race to correct
the course of a digitally-mapped dimensional model of a future city. The “F Word Game” is a mock game show with a “live” on screen host that utilizes overhead cameras to track visitor choices. The animated film “Forest of Hope” takes a positive outlook on how adults and children can make changes now to contribute to a clean energy future.

The final stage of the journey is “Brighter Futures” in which holographic media and interactive stations help guests discover they have the power to make a difference. After their visit, guests can log on to update their progress and upgrade their pledges using their wristbands' unique Agent ID. We can’t think of a better application of themed entertainment and storytelling. The Cool Planet Experience has the power to engage youth to care about our planet, motivating them with personalized actions to reduce their impact, and getting them to spread the word that sustainability is not only possible, but cool!



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