Thea Awards Recipients

Thea Awards 2020

Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement - Museum Upgrade

Fram Museum, Oslo, Norway

First opened in 1933 as a museum of polar exploration history, since 2011 the Fram Museum has been in the process of updating the exhibits, interactives and media that contextualize its centerpiece, Fram herself - a wooden ship considered to be the strongest such ever built and part of three important polar expeditions between 1893-1912.

Visiting the historic ship is now a multimedia, multisensory adventure. On the deck, guests begin their journey south from the frozen Arctic ice cap to the ice shelf of Antarctica. A 270-degree, panoramic screen helps create the illusion they are surrounded by raging storms and crashing waves. Making their way downstairs, guests find their way to the engine room, where they hear the rumble of the ship’s original engine and see the flickering of its flames as the smell of diesel fuel fills the air. Elsewhere, they get a sense of freezing cold and the sounds of ice crushing the ship.

In addition to the museum’s various immersive environments, media experiences, exhibits and interactives, a variety of artifacts are displayed to further educate guests about the history of the legendary Fram. In the Young Explorers Zone, children of all ages can explore an igloo and put together a physical puzzle to learn about the Inuit people and how to correctly pack a sleigh.

The Fram museum upgrade showcases the power of immersive storytelling to entertain and educate.



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