Thea Awards Recipients

Thea Awards 2020

Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement - Museum Exhibit

The Hebrew Bible Experience, Museum of the Bible, Washington DC, USA

In this 14,000-square-foot, 30-minute, walk-through experience, guests visit 15 immersive scenes interpreting key stories from the Hebrew Old Testament (Torah). Informed by rigorous theological scholarship and reviewed by a diverse panel of experts, the narrative is carefully non-denominational, designed to inform without proselytizing, proving a thoughtful interpretation that audiences can engage with whatever their type or level of observance.

This exhibit takes museum interpretation to a high level of immersive and artistic presentation. Each room is unique in presentation format and aesthetic design - as if conceived and executed by a different artist each time - and this diversity of presentation helps keeps guests engaged and anticipatory. The sensitive treatment is combined with impressive effects and astute theatrical pacing.

The final takeaway for the guests is powerfully emotional, profound and stirring, without “preaching.” The Hebrew Bible Experience represents an outstanding solution to a formidable, interpretive design challenge and demonstrates a high level of excellence.

Note: This award is presented to this exhibit only, not to the overall museum.

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