Thea Awards Recipients

Thea Awards 2020

Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement - Attraction, Limited Budget

Popcorn Revenge, Walibi, Belgium

In one of the most fun attractions recently built at Walibi Belgium, Popcorn Revenge®, a trackless dark ride, takes guests on a wild and erratic adventure in which rogue, cartoon-like characters (animated popcorn), tired of being eaten by cinema-goers, take over a Bollywood-themed movie theater. Of all the nominations reviewed by the Thea Awards Committee, this attraction, hands down, had everyone grinning from ear to ear.

Brand new IPs are tricky to execute, but Popcorn Revenge delivers with its delightful mix of quirky characters, pun-filled signage and simple-yet-effective gameplay. In a footprint of just 800 square meters, this unique family attraction tells a compelling story, demonstrates excellence in design and décor, and exemplifies an affordable option for regional family parks. It begins with a very atmospheric queue line filled with popcorn movie posters, ticketing machines and “pop-o-matic” vignettes and continues as a ride through animated transitions and interactive scenery where, armed with shooters themed as caramel dispensers (reactive shooters), each guest has more than 1,000 chances to disarm and essentially immobilize the cheeky, crazy corns.

Popcorn Revenge has a high capacity relative to its limited footprint, and an expansive merchandise offering. From ride to ride, the experience varies in terms of gameplay, scenes and vehicle paths, motivating guests to return. The proprietary can be adjusted to different themes or regional tastes. Overall, this innovative and delightful attraction highlights a new frontier in balancing high-energy creative with successful investment.

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