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Thea Awards 2020

Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement - Brand Experience

The Google Assistant Ride, 2019 CES Trade Show, Las Vegas, NV, USA

With only four days of physical operation at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show, one of the largest trade shows in the world, The Google Assistant Ride carried more than 25,000 guests through a custom, 30,000-square-foot show building and delivered an exceptional, ride-based attraction experience with theme-park-quality animation, special effects and show lighting. The 15-minute experience included a three-minute puppeteer interactive preshow and a five-minute ride incorporating extensive use of animatronics, an original song, fog and scent machines as well as on-board video to demonstrate Google technologies. 

The story followed a hapless father as he grappled with numerous obstacles on a "not-so" epic journey to buy a birthday cake - ample opportunity to showcase Google Assistant technologies making everyday life easier. After completing the short, four-day operating window, 37 million social network impressions had been made and another million plus virtual riders explored the attraction via a YouTube 360 interactive experience.

It's no small task to punch through the clutter at the yearly CES confab, regarded to be one of the “noisiest” competitive environments with over 180,000 participants. Google's challenge was to create an experience where even the most skeptical audience members left the ride with a clearer understanding of how the Google Assistant can help navigate life’s twists and turns. Their concept worked, and critics agreed. In the CNBC survey of CES, The Google Assistant Ride was proclaimed “The most impressive experience ever seen at any trade show.” From a TEA perspective, this achievement signals a gateway into a previously untapped market and expands the realm of possibiilities.

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