Thea Awards Recipients

Thea Awards 2020

Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement - Live Show Spectacular

The Legend of the Gods, Huaxiacheng Tourism Scenic Area, Weihai Huaxia City, Shandong, China

The Legend of the Gods - one of a series of “Legends” productions created by Shandong Huaxia Cultural Tourism Group - is a seasonal, one-hour show and Chinese cultural celebration. It delivers a phenomenal theatrical vision married to world-class production and execution. Guests cross a gangplank to enter a vehicle - seating 2,100 - shaped and themed as a boat, to experience a live, multimedia spectacular in a breathtaking, outdoor setting.

The fluid way the audience is positioned and moved is worthy of special attention. The boat travels along a track through a man-made lagoon to carry guests into the story. They visit seven distinct scenes of beauty and amazement - some set on land and some on water - with 200 performers, animatronic figures, live horses, pyrotechnics, 300 square meters of LED projection walls, fountains, special effects, a 5,000-ton waterfall, an erupting volcano and monumental set pieces.

But the show - which forms the centerpiece of the Huaxiacheng Tourism Scenic Area - could not exist were it not for the 16-year commitment and dedication of resources by Huaxia Chairman Xia Chunting to reclaim and restore thousands of acres of mining quarry - an undertaking that included moving 60 million cubic feet of fill and planting more than 11 million trees.

Awe and wonder abound and astound. Legend of the Gods is peak entertainment, excellence on a celestial scale and more than worthy of the award. In particular, the TEA Thea Awards Committee commends Chairman Xia for his environmental commitment.

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