Thea Awards Recipients

Thea Awards 2021

Thea Awards for Outstanding Achievement: Attraction

Sesame Street: Street Mission , PortAventura World, Tarragona, Spain

Sesame Street: Street Mission brings the bold, bright, fuzzy and friendly world of Sesame Street to life at PortAventura World in Spain. This mixed media, interactive dark ride takes the guest on an adventure along that “most well known street in the world” to solve the mystery of the
missing big cookie. Trackless ride vehicles t ransport guests down the street past a series of interactive 3D gaming scenes including a fly-through of Count’s Castle and dive into Oscar’s Smelly Trash Can.

Along the way, guests collect cookie crumb clues, via specially designed, child-friendly, interactive interface, helping to solve the mystery. To deliver this great cookie caper, the outstanding creative team delivered the classic cast of Sesame Street in both digitally animated and lifelike animatronic form. While targeted squarely at a preschool family audience, this attraction thrills all ages of guests with its iconic IP and interactive
gaming, making it a true, multi-generational ride experience. The ride is not only multi-generational, but multilingual , presented in as many as 5 different languages, (Spanish, English, French, Italian, and Russian) in response to the park’s regionally diverse guests.

This family-focused attraction drove results for PortAventura World, with a 50% increase in the park’s season pass sales in the first operating year and helping to set record park attendance for the 2019 season.

With a combination of amazing, lifelike characters, a simple, fun, and engaging storyline, a highly approachable gaming system, and an age-appropriate ride experience, Sesame Street: Street Mission creates a unique family attraction worthy of recognition. This project truly understands its brand and its target preschool audience, delivering an engaging and immersive experience, highly focused on that young guest and their family. The amazing execution and detailed animation of these iconic childhood charac ters immerse the guest in a world formerly
experienced only on a television screen. Sesame Street: Street Mission powerfully illustrates how major IP based attractions can be executed at excellence at theme parks around the world. After years of wondering exactly “How to get to Sesame Street,” we now know it’s at PortAventura.

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