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Thea Awards 2021

Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement - Live Show Spectacular

Qu Yuan, Fantawild Oriental Heritage Park, Jingzhou, China

Using the best of 21st century immersive experience technology, the live event spectacular Qu Yuan, at Jingzhou Fantawild Oriental Heritage Park in Hubei, brings to life a 2000-year-old story, drawing upon the Fantawild palette of entertainment technology solutions. First open in September of 2019 this creation focuses on the culture of Jingzhou and the ancient Chu state (present day Hubei province). Telling the story of Qu Yuan, heralded as the father of Chinese poetry, the production traces his life from ambitious teenager to adviser to King Huai, to slandered exile during which many of his most important works were composed.

The presentation begins at the end of Qu Yuan’s life, when his suicide in 278 BCE in the Milou River sets in motion the annual Dragon Boat Festival celebration and he morphs in legend into a Taoist Water Immortal. Using lush film and projections, actors, dancers, and performers are set in misty landscapes and photo-realistic scenes. They fly across starry skies and negotiate flying characters and words as each change of scene explores a new episode in Qu Yuan’s life or one of his famous poems.

This is an unparalleled blending of elements. Qu Yuan deftly brings together live performers in architectural space, a rotating and elevating stage, large-scale projections in 2D and 3D projections and augmented reality with real-time tracking and intelligent interactions and sensors to create a seamless and immersive guest experience. The seamless blending of technology and storytelling creates an immersive and boundless world that sets guests free to explore the life and times and words of this Chu cultural hero.

With this production, park and experience developer Fantawild Holdings has raised their own internal experience bar ever higher to make Jingzhou’s history and culture breathe for today’s audience.

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