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Thea Awards 2021

Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement - Attraction, Limited Budget

Snorri Touren , Europa-Park, Rust, Germany

In May of 2018, Europa-Park suffered a devastating fire that destroyed both the Dutch and Scandinavian sections of the park. Just over a year after that destructive fire, the Scandinavian area of the park was reborn. Rather than simply recreating the former land, Europa-Park seized the opportunity to create an entirely new attraction, Snorri Touren. This new dark ride attraction directly links the rebuilt Scandinavian land with the storyline of the park’s new second gate, the Rulantica waterpark, the biggest project in the company’s history.

Guided by Snorri, a mischievous and adorable octopus, park guests board rubber dinghies on an undersea adventure to discover the magical island of Snorri’s home Rulantica, building guest familiarity between the waterpark hotel and the attraction. The ride blends classic dark ride show sets and scenic decor, animatronics and lighting, with novel techniques such as video integration, dome projection and video mapping.

This family-friendly dark ride was created within a very limited footprint, of only 500 square meters, with budget constraints and a very aggressive schedule to reopen with the new Scandinavian section of the park.

The Snorri Touren dark ride is a wonderful update and evolution to the classic, character-driven family dark ride. The Snorri character, developed for Rulantica, connects the youngest of guests with ancient Nordic stories in a beautifully lighthearted way. The immersive quality of the ride’s highly stylized scenery combined with its intimate sense of scale make this an extremely charming and engaging experience. The seamless, clever and supporting usage of video and 3D projection throughout the ride enhances the energy and richness of the scenic environments of the story.

The timeframe in which Europa-Park and its partners were able to deliver this high-quality attraction is worthy of recognition; design, fabrication and installation of this stellar attraction in just over a year’s time is a staggering accomplishment.

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