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Thea Awards 2021

Thea Awards for Outstanding Achievement: Attraction

The Twilight Saga: Midnight Ride , Lionsgate Entertainment World, Zhuhai, China

One of the anchor attractions at the newly opened Lionsgate Entertainment World in Hengqin Island, China, The Twilight Saga: Midnight Ride is a multi rider interactive virtual reality experience. Guests climb aboard their own motorbike, each with its own multi-axis motion platform. A lightweight, individually sanitized, plastic frame fits over each guest’s face and, once they are secured on their bike, the VR screen and hardware lowers from the ceiling and magnetically clicks into place on the headset frame.

Riders are greeted by Jacob, and he introduces them to their mission: to ride out with the wolf pack to find and put a stop to the volatile and unpredictable vampire newborns prowling the forest. In VR, the garage opens and the riders race off into the forest. Wind and the smell of pine further enhance the forest ride. Each rider has control of their speed and direction, and they can see other riders doing the same.

Maneuvering through the forest, riders are chased and attacked by the newborns. The wolf pack defends the guest but some other riders crash and are thrown from their bikes. Racing across a bridge, the guests reunite and are led back to the safety of Jacob’s garage.

The Twilight Saga: Midnight Ride is a truly fantastic, multi-sensory adventure. Midnight Ride is unique in being a multi-rider, high capacity, interactive virtual reality experience to open as a major theme park attraction. Debuting a new ride system, Midnight Ride utilizes motorcycles mounted on individual motion bases coupled with real time VR that actively respond to rider interaction. By combining VR with simulator technology and group gaming software, Midnight Ride affords each guest the ability to choose their own path while still being able to interact with their friends and other riders.

The VR headset system allows for quicker and safer ride load and unload, while at the same time providing for a simpler and more efficient cleaning system. All the elements of Midnight Ride come together in a truly cohesive, compelling an exceptional experience, a shining example of excellence.

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