Thea Awards Recipients

Thea Awards 2021

Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement - Connected/Immersive Storytelling

The Nest, Los Angeles, CA, USA

The future of themed entertainment is intimately linked to the evolution in demand for a more immersive, entertaining and authentic dialogue between storyteller and guest. A dialogue that can sometimes be experienced in a multitude of ways that empowers you, the guest, with an entry point that feels autonomous, intimate and that pushes the boundary between a "choose your own mystery adventure" and theatre of the mind.

The Nest is well positioned at the epicenter of all of these tenets… under the guise of exploring an abandoned storage unit. The probing question throughout this hour long walk-through experience is the question: how do the objects we own tell our story? As we age, what memories do we hold dear? And what legacy do we leave behind when we’re gone?

The Nest seeks to answer these questions, taking guests down a rabbit hole of clues, intimate props, armed with audio cassette tapes that provide a narrator as the north star to follow. The unique, one or two person experience is a theatrical takeover of a large warehouse storage unit near Downtown LA that is scenically propped and dressed into an exploratory narrative of increasingly mysterious and dream like hidden rooms, where guests rummage through the personal belongings of the protagonist as they unlock her beautiful, wistful, and powerful story.

Combining some of the tenets of a puzzle/escape room with the immersion of an attraction, the emotion of an intimate theatrical performance and the personal agency of an alternate reality game, the Nest sold out its wildly popular and critically acclaimed initial run, and promises to return post Covid.

Is this walkthrough, temporary attraction within our industry - an industry that demonstrates excellence in the integration of design, storytelling, operations and execution? The resounding answer is yes! The success, momentum and impact of this caliber of immersive storytelling is the exact demonstration of excellence that the Thea Awards stand behind.

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