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Thea Awards 2021

Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement - Technological Innovation of Industry Significance

TAIT Navigator Automation Platform

TAIT Navigator Automation Platform seamlessly enhances themed experiences by effortlessly controlling tens of thousands of show control elements in attractions and nighttime spectaculars. Driven by theme park trends and feedback from industry leaders, TAIT Navigator delivers a unified attraction show control product that provides operators with single millisecond precision and an intuitive, point-and-click software interface.

TAIT Navigator Automation Platform was originally developed by Scott Fisher over a decade ago, and TAIT bought his company to access his innovative control technology. Since then, the system has undergone many upgrades and is primarily used to control major attractions that include live performers. It has also been used to control fountain attractions and major theme park rides, as well as spectacular live shows and stunt shows.

The system consists of standard industrial computers (nodes) running TAIT Navigator software. Each node can operate independently for commissioning and maintenance purposes. Nodes instantly operate together by simply connecting them to the network to coordinate effects and scenes. This plug-and-play approach is innovative: a single TAIT Navigator node installed on a ride vehicle can run a vast array of tasks such as lighting, audio, animation, motion bases, and special effects. This hardware agnostic platform not only allows a system designer to tailor the physical size and processing power of a system to meet the projects’ unique needs, it also provides a product sustainability path that ensures the guest experience is reliable and safe.

TAIT Navigator has revolutionized how highly realistic, immersive, engaging themed attractions are brought to life. In order to provide the greatest creative flexibility, the one-millisecond synchronization technology within TAIT Navigator makes every transition seamless and allows for very precise adjustment of show systems. This synchronization works across the challenging environment of wireless networks. The level of precision allows guests to experience a whole new assortment of technical effects, such as 3D sound sources created by phase-shifted audio tracks across multiple speakers, in real time.

TAIT Navigator’s “Library Cues” also allow programmers to create reusable cueing components that can be applied in multiple locations across an attraction. This removes the need to manage downloading programs to fleets of vehicles. Performer and guest safety are primary attributes of the system. With built-in support for a large suite of industrial communication protocols, TAIT Navigator communicates natively with the local ride system PLC. This allows show programmers to create much more sophisticated event triggers. 

TAIT Navigator is a premium control system that has the potential to grow in popularity and significance within the themed entertainment industry.

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