Thea Committee

28th Annual Thea Awards Judging Committee


Luc Mayrand, Chair

Fri Forjindam, Vice-Chair

Michael Blau, TEA International Board Liaison

Karen McGee & Christian Yen, Thea Awards Coordinator


Buzz Price Lifetime Achievement Recipients

Tony Baxter

Mark Fuller*

Bob Gurr

Phil Hettema

Garner Holt

Kim Irvine

Don Iwerks*

Keith James

Monty Lunde

Ron Miziker

Yves Pepin

Jeremy Railton

Bob Rogers, Sub-Committee Chair

Joe Rohde

Jack Rouse*

Marty Sklar (In Memoriam, 1934 - 2017)

Frank Stanek

Barry Upson*

Bob Ward

Mark Woodbury

Nancy Seruto

Bob Weis 


* Judge Emeritus – A title established for Lifetime Members who are no longer active in the yearly judging process but who may become active at any time in the future.


Committee Members

The Judging Committee includes all past lifetime achievement honorees, one Board Liaison position and 12 Members-at-Large appointed to three-year terms.

Fri Forjindam

Dave Cobb

Brad Merriman

Andy Westfal

Patricia MacKay

Shawn McCoy

John Robinett

Christian Aaen

Marc-Andre Baril

Larry Wyatt

Michel Linet-Frion

Luc Mayrand, Chair