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09 September 2020

Christie's commitment to themed entertainment

TEA would like to express appreciation for Christie as a TEA Global Partner. This level of support for our Themed Entertainment Association is one of several ways that Christie demonstrates its commitment to the themed entertainment industry.

Projection technology is a key component of most immersive experiences. Christie is a market leader in projection and other visual technologies such as LED video walls, media servers and video processors. In addition to its support of TEA, Christie shows its commitment to the community TEA serves - the creators of compelling experiences and places - by virtue of its activities and business relationships in the field. This takes the form of educational resources, creative collaborations and the development of products and technologies that furnish ever more sophisticated tools of immersive storytelling. 


Virginia Dwyer, Larry Howard and Bryan Boehme of Christie
at the Christie-sponsored TEA "Innovation in Technology" event
in Orlando (Sept 2017)

Relationships and service

A familiar face to many within TEA, Larry Howard, Director of Sales, Entertainment (AMERICAS) at Christie, said, "I’m a champion of staying on top of ‘what’s the next best technology/product coming along,’ and ‘what’s the next best avenue for our business?’ A lot of that understanding comes from my relationships. The challenge of finding what’s next keeps you interested, and keeps you in play." 

Another very visible figure within TEA, Bryan Boehme, Executive Director of Sales & Business Development, Enterprise, Americas at Christie said, "I have instilled in my team the need to be a part of the organizations that make a difference in their specialized fields. I ask them to learn how to 'contribute and serve' the members - and to be that servant first."

Christie's educational support to the industry includes its recent Let's Learn program featuring free, on-demand training webinars on a range of topics and products. There's also Christie University - a series of online tutorials on such topics as laser safety, 4K projection, video walls, audio fundamentals and more. A number of Christie University courses are eligible for CTS Renewal Units.


Technical innovation and a Thea Award

A celebrated development on the technical innovation front is the Christie® Eclipse true HDR 4K RGB Pure Laser Projector, one of the slate of 26th annual TEA Thea Award recipients currently being showcased in the Thea Awards Digital Case Studies series.

A TEA Thea Award for technology recognizes the potential of the technology to be a game changer in themed entertainment. In its official remarks, the TEA Thea Awards Committee wrote: "This projector was developed by a Christie R&D group focused on projection advancement targeting the specific needs of the themed entertainment industry. The Thea Awards Committee commends this group for its specific contribution and continuing interest to support the industry with uniquely relevant technologies." 

The Christie Eclipse will be explored in the TEA Thea Awards Digital Case Studies on Oct 8, 2020.


Ultimate Contrast

Details of the Christie Eclipse technology and how it was developed, and its flagship installation at the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History, can be found in the article "Ultimate Contrast" from InPark Magazine. The title of the article alludes to the visual qualities supported by the HDR (high dynamic range) projection, especially the total black.

Larry Paul, Christie

A key figure in the collaboration that produced the new technology was Christie's Larry Paul, Executive Director – Technology and Custom Solutions Enterprise and Entertainment, and product manager of the Christie Eclipse.

In the InPark article, Paul said, “The Christie Eclipse exists because we – the industry – needed better contrast. Everyone is competing for audiences and eyeballs. All of our products targeted for the themed entertainment world are designed to help clients innovate and create, to make compelling, immersive experiences."

Paul continued, "Having to work within the constraints of technology is never the ideal way to design an attraction; we don’t want technology to be the limiting factor. We enable the community to truly bring people to a place they have never been before.”

TEA thanks Christie for their ongoing support of our association and our industry, and congratulate them on the innovative achievement that has earned a Thea Award.

Article for TEA by Judith Rubin



Posted by Judith Rubin



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