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30 April 2021

Luc Mayrand to Chair Thea Award Committee

Re-inventing Thea Awards by celebrating excellent experiences


When it comes to creating extraordinary experiences, the name Luc Mayrand comes to mind naturally. He has been active for more than two decades at Disney and has been the leading force behind some of the most daring projects at the Shanghai and Hong Kong parks. Luc has also been a key member of the Thea award judging committee for the past five years. He is now appointed as Chair of the 26-person team.


The TEA will this year again emphasize the role of those awards in celebrating excellence and moving our industry forward. “It is not the technological aspects or the magnitude of the submitted projects that weigh in most heavy. We realize and acknowledge that the very act of creating something sublime requires enormous effort, regardless of the means at your disposal. Therefore, we hope to receive entries for different scales of projects, large or small, and obviously give them all equal chances.”


In the past the committee has evaluated up to 300 submissions in a short two-month period. The suspicion is that because of the pandemic, the submissions for this year will be different in many ways; therefore, we expect submissions to feature some serious re-imaginings and the committee welcomes that.  


Luc concludes, “We encourage everyone to participate in the THEA Awards, and to keep challenging your teams to develop creative ideas and excellent achievements.  Submissions are not limited to clients and those who made the projects, anyone can submit a project they saw for consideration”.


“The THEA awards re-invent themselves at every edition, as the categories are not pre-defined they can evolve and address emerging trends in our industry. For example, Brand experiences and Connected Immersion were added over the years, as the industry evolved.   Now remote interactive shows, and “Phygital experiences” (a blend of physical and digital experiences) have become popular during lockdowns and are not necessarily out of bounds. It is important that those and other types of experiential projects are submitted so we can continue to see if new categories are warranted”.  This time of re-invention is also marked with the start of a new award, the Thea Catalyst award, specifically to celebrate persons that have caused important positive change for our industry.


In order to address the timing effect of the pandemic, entries will be accepted for projects that opened between July 1st ,2019 and July 31st ,2021, a month longer than the usual window. Online submissions will be accepted from May 1st to August 6th, 2021.  

Posted by Christine Mack



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