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11 October 2020

Thea Awards Digital Case Studies report - Session 5: Special segments

The Oct 8, 2020 session of Thea Awards Digital Case Studies featured the recipient of the Thea Award for Innovative Technology, the Christie® Eclipse 4K RGB Pure Laser Projector, and the recipient of the TEA Peter Chernack Distinguished Service Award, Wendy Heimann-Nunes of Nolan Heimann LLP. The session moderator was TEA Founder and Past President Monty Lunde of Technifex.

Thea Awards Digital Case Studies are presented by the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA), the global nonprofit membership association for the creators of compelling experiences and places. The case studies sessions explore and celebrate the recipients of TEA's prestigious, annual Thea Awards. Click for more info about Thea Awards Digital Case Studies and how to buy tickets. #TEAtheas #TEAdigital

The series of seven sessions making up Thea Awards Digital Case Studies continues through early November 2020. One ticket buys the full package, and each session becomes available on-demand immediately after the initial presentation, so it is possible to experience the full series by purchasing a ticket at any time during the run. Each session is followed by live Q&A with the presenters (which is recorded and also becomes available on-demand) as well as networking mixers. The virtual meeting space is available 24/7 for ticketholders to meet and network informally at any time or to review the recorded sessions. TICKETS/MORE INFO      

Report for TEA by Judith Rubin

The next Thea Awards Digital Case Studies sessions (Blocks 6 & 7) will be:

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Report on TEA Thea Awards Case Studies 2020 - Block 5

In introducing the segment on the Christie Eclipse, Monty Lunde talked about the criteria applied by the TEA Thea Awards Committe in identifying a recipient for a Thea Technology Award. The award may be given to honor a technology that provides improved guest safety, or is of such significant benefit to storytellers that it becomes a new tool for the production of ever more immersive and compelling guest experiences. The Thea Technology Award recognizes advances that push boundaries in terms of scope and impact w/in the themed entertainment industry.

Christie's Larry Paul (Executive Director, Technology and Custom Solutions,
Enterprise and Entertainment, and product manager for the Christie Eclipse projector), discussed the unique features
of the technology in relation to how the eye perceives color and depth.

In its official summaries of the 2020 recipients, the TEA Thea Awards Committee wrote:

"The first public use of the Christie® Eclipse 4K RGB Pure Laser Projector, after five years in development, was in a permanent installation at the prestigious Hayden Planetarium in New York City. It premiered in July 2019, combining six custom units to project a unified image onto the planetarium’s 87-foot diameter dome. Christie Eclipse provides an unparalleled visual experience. This fully packaged and integrated projector is a true step into the future of projection, delivering a highly saturated color range for ultra-realistic, immersive experiences, combining true HDR performance with an expansive color gamut approaching the full Rec. 2020/Rec. 2100 color space.

"Audiences are immersed in a degree of detail and depth of color never before possible in any pro AV projection system, with a previously unimaginable 20,000,000:1 contrast ratio. “Video black” has become true black. In addition, this unique projector offers full compatibility with an array of standard 4K projector lenses. It also makes use of Christie TruLife™ electronics, which deliver powrful video processing that supports high frame rate video of 120 frames per second at 4K for detail-rich visuals and 3D processing. The electronics are combined with a stable and reliable RGB laser light source that provides 30,000 hours of optimal brightness performance to 80% brightness and up to 26,000 lumens.

"This projector was developed by a Christie R&D group focused on projection advancement targeting the specific needs of the themed entertainment industry. The TEA Thea Awards Committee commends this group for its specific contribution and continuing interest to support the industry with uniquely relevant technologies."


Christie's Bryan Boehme (Executive Director of Sales & Business Development, Enterprise, Americas)
Larry Howard [Director of Sales, Entertainment (AMERICAS)] and Larry Paul talked about
the company's commitment to the TEA andthe attractions industry.

Before the main presentation was a live networking session led by Rich Hill of Sally Dark Rides. Following the main session was a live Q&A session hosted in the Christie Technology Lounge, where the conversation continued with moderator Lunde and speakers Boehme, Paul and Heimann-Nunes. That was followed by a TEA NextGen session, facilitated by TEA Director of Operations Erica Schwehr with TEA NextGen University Relations Team head Diane Buchwalder of American Scenic, and TEA NextGen member Carson Luter helping guide the conversation. Christie's Larry Paul and Larry Howard joined the NextGen session to talk about their own backgrounds and sharing thoughts and suggestions with TEA NextGen members about the kinds of careers that are possible in the AV and manufacturing sector. Numerous participants lingered on the Thea Digital Case Studies platform even after all the formal sessions were completed, to review the material and continue networking. 


Wendy Heimann-Nunes is a well-known attorney and a familiar face in the themed entertainment community. She is receiving the Peter Chernack Award in recognition of her many dedicated years of service as pro-bono counsel of the Themed Entertainment Association. Her company, Nolan Heimann LLP describes itself as one of “attorneys and advisers who help you develop your ideas, protect your work, leverage your assets, structure the right deals and operate at your maximum potential.” Read an interview with Heimann-Nunes here. 

"Who you are is your greatest strength: lean into it." -- Wendy Heimann-Nunes

The TEA Peter Chernack Distinguished Service Award recognizes individuals who have provided exceptional service to the Themed Entertainment Association above and beyond the call of duty. Introducing Wendy Heimann-Nunes, Monty Lunde noted that she has been part of the industry for more than 20 years, including four years with Universal Studios, then setting up her own practice, Nolan Heimann LLP. She advises many TEA members as clients and has advised TEA pro bono for 10 years and has spoken numerous times at TEA conferences. "With her tell-it-like-it-is personality, she helps suppliers and vendors navigate the challenges of working in this industry," said Lunde.


Kiddieland was the amusement park that Wendy Heimann-Nunes visited as a girl growing up in
the Chicago area. "Kiddieland was my favorite place on Earth."


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